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Your happy angel makes my heart smile!  / Sarah Friend From BBC   Read >>
Your happy angel makes my heart smile!  / Sarah Friend From BBC
What an adoarable little girl. She is your perfect little star, shining ever so brightly up in the night sky. I know that she is making my little angel laugh up in Heaven with that smile and those happy eyes. We will hold them again! ^i^ Caroline's Mommy Close
Faithy-Doodle / Larry DeFord (Daddy)  Read >>
Faithy-Doodle / Larry DeFord (Daddy)
Hi Doodle,
Daddy misses you so much.  I am sorry that I wasn't home to read to you more honey, I won't make that mistake again.  I admit I used to get tired of reading those little Sesame Street books to you over and over again, but I'd give anything to have you back here again.  I'd read them to you for the rest of my life honey.  I miss the way you used to dance, and play peek-a-boo, and yell at me.  I miss your funny little giggle, and your beautiful smile.  You are such a pretty girl, just like Mommy.  You were such a big girl in the hospital, you did such a good job honey.  I am sorry I let them poke you and wake you up all the time.  I pray that you understand our decision honey, I know you are much happier now.  Tell God to please give me the time to make him happy, I have a lot to work on honey, but I am going to do everything I can to see you again.  I need you to be a big girl and take care of Mommy, she needs to know that you are always giving her "Loving", even when she doesn't know it.  Your Grandma Irene is staying so strong even though she misses you too, Mommy and Daddy don't know what they would do without her, keep her strong baby.  You did such a good job helping your Auntie Shanna come back to church honey, please stay with her, she needs you too.    Please give Grandpa Mikey a big hug honey, he is going through a rough time too.  He needs a nudge too if you can, he really wants to see you again just like us.  Uncle Brett is doing ok, he misses you too, he was really starting to like playing games with you.  I am sure he'll come around at church, he just needs time.  Keep an eye on Grandma Diane too, she is coming to church now!  We are living with your Grandma and Grandpa Fujii now honey, we're making a bigger mess than you did when you were there.  ;o)  All your little friends miss you too honey, Naomi asks about you everyday.  I know you see us crying every now and then, but it is because we miss you Doodle.  Don't worry about us, you just keep running around up there having fun.  I bet you get all the snacks you can eat!  Well, Daddy has to go now Baby, but I'll be talking to you again soon.  Your are so beautiful Faithy!  We will never forget you, I promise.  oops, I almost forgot!  Keep an eye on your little brother or sister that Mommy is carrying.  Don't be jealous, you will always be the "Big Sister".  But get ready, we are probably going to have more! :O)
Always giving you "Loving",
Daddy XOXOXO Close
So Sorry for your loss  / Brian Lewis &. Sabrina Stoner (None)  Read >>
So Sorry for your loss  / Brian Lewis &. Sabrina Stoner (None)
We can see from the pictures that Faith was a beautiful little girl. We were never able to meet her, but we wanted to let you know that you are in our hearts. We are truly sorry for your loss. Close
God / Emily Detillion (I am her aunts sister in law )  Read >>
God / Emily Detillion (I am her aunts sister in law )
when i heard the news my heart sank, but i know that Faith is now in a better place although we all wish she was still here with us. My heart and soul goes out to you and your family God bless.              Close
Eternal LIfe  / LInda &. Ace Enderlin (Aunt Uncle )  Read >>
Eternal LIfe  / LInda &. Ace Enderlin (Aunt Uncle )
"Eternal life welcomes Baby Faith; a full happy
life in the world is not guaranteed by our Holy
Father. There is an eternal life which lives in the
glory of God. Baby Faith is now basking in this Glory.
Praise be to God"

   God Bless.
Love Auntie Linda & Ace Close
Faith, our little ray of Sunshine.  / Diane Galvan (Grandma)  Read >>
Faith, our little ray of Sunshine.  / Diane Galvan (Grandma)
God gave us a a great treasure of immense and untold worth,and brought us a little bit of heaven, to our lifetime here on earth. He sent us someone wonderful, a little Angel from above,however brief it was, and blessed us all with the gift of Faith, our joy, our happiness, our Love. Close
to faith's mommy & daddy  / Lori Burke (none)  Read >>
to faith's mommy & daddy  / Lori Burke (none)
I just want to send you both my heart felt sympathy & prayers on the loss of you little angel. I too lost a child 6 yrs ago, he was 26 yrs old. It is never easy, nor is it ever the right time to lose a child. We are supposed to go before our children especially when they are so young. Though I don't know you or your little girl, but I know what you feel & what you are going through, and I justed wanted to let you know that I care. Your little girl is so cute & I know you loved her with all you heart & had alot of friends & family who felt the same. Just know that you will never lose her she will always be with you. Just try to focus on all that she was & not how she left. I'm sure, from the letters of all the well wishers, that she was such a bright light in your, as well as their lives. Remember that always. God Bless You. Close
Precious Faith  / Marla Watson (cousin)  Read >>
Precious Faith  / Marla Watson (cousin)

Faith Alyssa DeFord

November 29, 2004 - March 17, 2006


You are so dearly missed

We just long to give you a kiss


With you there was no sadness

Everyday was filled with gladness


You had just begun walking and talking

With so much left to be learned

Especially playing, running, and jumping

But too soon the rank of angel you earned


With butterflies and fireflies yet to be chased

School yet to be attended

Birthdays to be celebrated

And family members still left to be greeted


Our perfect little angel and her precious smiles

Touched so many lives in just her few miles


To heaven you have risen

Precisely where you belong

So much to us you have given

Without ever doing anything wrong


God saw Faith’s perfection

And needed her as his angel in his mansion on high

Larry and Misty needed no correction

In their nurturing of an angel that was worthy of ascending above the sky


A glimpse of heaven we were given

For far too short a time

But we will all reach for heaven

To be with you again at our time


To us you had been granted

To teach us all a lesson

Of how easily precious lives can be removed

And how important it is for us to reach heaven to be with our loved ones again

Mommy don't worry  / Irene Fujii (Gramma)  Read >>
Mommy don't worry  / Irene Fujii (Gramma)


Mommy, don't cry, 'cause God is holding my hand
and telling me everything is OK.

Mommy, God said that I will never want for anything
and I will still feel your love all the way up here.

Mommy, you should see me,
I am running and playing with God's other children.

Mommy, guess who helps watch over us while we play?
They are God's Helping Angels!

Mommy, God said, If you feel sad, to remember this;
I'll be the gentle breeze that brushes your face,
the sun is my smile and the rain is me washing away your pain.

Mommy, I have to go now.
I send you all my love on the wings of an Angel.
Beautiful! / Patty (friend BBC )  Read >>
Beautiful! / Patty (friend BBC )
Oh, my ... she is so perfect.  What a beautiful girl. I am so sorry she is not here in your arms.  Thank you for sharing her with us.  Close
Forever in Our Hearts  / Jessica Huckaby (Cousin)  Read >>
Forever in Our Hearts  / Jessica Huckaby (Cousin)

I don't know what I can say to take the hurt away, I know that will never leave you, but I hope that it will ease some with time. Faith was a beautiful, happy, loving little girl, and every time I saw her, my heart felt a little bigger. She was a blessing, and for what ever reason, God needed her back. I can only imagine He missed her as much as we do now. Having her as a part of our family has been nothing but joy. She will always be remembered, and treasured in my heart. I love you all more than you know, you are my family, and I'm here for you always.

You and Your family our in my prayers!  / Danielle Terwilliger (Misty's friend )  Read >>
You and Your family our in my prayers!  / Danielle Terwilliger (Misty's friend )

This must be so hard for your family. If there is anything I can do please let me know.  I didn’t get the chance to met Faith, but I know she was your everything.


Thank you for sending me this.  I truly am sorry for you and will remember Faith forever!

Tiny Feet leave big footprints on our hearts  / Kristen Seguin (BBC friend of Mommy )  Read >>
Tiny Feet leave big footprints on our hearts  / Kristen Seguin (BBC friend of Mommy )
I know that nothing will ease this for you.  I know that nothing will make this pain ever go away or lesson.  Follow your own path of grieving and you will survive though.  My prayers are with you.

I know that it doesn't make it hurt less, but your Faith and my Wesley are friends now. 

Contact me anytime you need to vent.  I've been there too. Close
Beautiful / Sara Vogt (Friend of Mom on BBC )  Read >>
Beautiful / Sara Vogt (Friend of Mom on BBC )

Faith is a beautiful little girl. I'm sorry to hear about her passing. She's just so beautiful, and her smile is just wonderful! I know in my heart that she'll continue to look down on her family and bring you all comfort in your loss. She's an Angel in Heaven now, and she's "Playing In God's Garden" with all the other angels. God Bless You all.

Much love and affection,


Joy / Amanda Allen (Auntie)  Read >>
Joy / Amanda Allen (Auntie)
Faith. Her name said it all. God gave us Faith to remind us how beautiful a spirit can be. I can just remember holding her tight on her 1st birthday, humming songs in her ear, tickling her piggy toes...O the Joy Faith gave to us all. Let us remember that every soul has a purpose in this world and once you have completed that, you get to rejoice with God. Well although Faith was only 15 months, she accomplished hers. She brought smiles and laughter to every other soul and filled every room with light. Faith is now rejoicing with God. Close
Gift from Above  / Anita Ferris (Friend)  Read >>
Gift from Above  / Anita Ferris (Friend)
I remember rushing to the hospital to see little Faith soon after she was born. What proud and exhausted parents Misty and Larry were. I was surprised that they allowed me to hold their precious gift from above. She was sooooo beautiful and continued to become more and more beautiful with each passing day. I regret not holding her more, and I will miss her darling voice in services. Misty and Larry have proved themselves as wonderful parents, loved by everyone. I can't imagine your pain but I pray for your strength to endure this tremendous loss in your lives. Faith brightened everyone's life with whom she contacted ... now she is doing the same in heaven. Stay strong, she is waiting on her Mommy and Daddy. Love, Anita Close
Always in our hearts  / Lety Fermoso (Friend)  Read >>
Always in our hearts  / Lety Fermoso (Friend)
I remember visiting Faith in the hospital. Sooo cute & I loved her cheeks. I held her for a while and she was so calm just sleeping away her time waiting to be fed. She will always be remembered and to Larry & Misty... I love u guys and you've done such a great job. I'll keep all of you in my prayers. Close
I Miss You  / Misty DeFord (mommy)  Read >>
I Miss You  / Misty DeFord (mommy)

Mommy misses you so much! I know that you are an angel now and you are so happy. Probably playing and dancing with all the other little angels. Thank you for holding on long enough to let me hold you one more time. I held you when you came into this world and when you left. I wish I could hold you every day, my arms are empty without you. Thank you for making me so happy and always smiling when you saw me. Thank you for the nights we cuddled or watched your favorite cartoons. Thank you for your smiles and laughs. Thank you for memories full of love and happiness. Mommy doesn't quite know what to do with out her sunshine, but she waits for the day she will be able to hold you again. Faith please watch over Mommy, Daddy, and your new brother or sister, and know that you are forever in our hearts. I love you!

Mommy Close
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